French at Rosendale

Facts about Coco Chanel


Monsieur Bleu mange un burger et visite Paris

Did you know that in France children eat their evening meal with their parents every night?

Is Monsieur Bleu really in Paris? Or is it really Crystal Palace?

Can you count 1-10 in Somali?

Can you count 1-10 in Hindi?

Can you count 1-10 in Pakistani?

Sacs magiques

This week we learnt that…

France has won the World Cup twice- in 1998 and in 2018

Snails are popular in France to eat and they are chewy

Sacs magiques

The toys spent their Christmas holidays with some children who made a big effort to produce some beautiful French work.

We learnt lots of interesting facts too. Did you know that the Statue of Liberty was designed by Gustav Eiffel (famous for the Eiffel Tower) and given as a gift to the United States of America?